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        Why does the galvanized steel wire rope have broken wires?

        1. Kink broken wires. This kind of broken wire rarely occurs in normal use, and only occurs when the galvanized steel wire rope is slack and causes kinks. The shape of the fracture is flat and smooth.  

        2. Overload broken wire. Elevator galvanized steel wire rope is caused by overload load or impact load, and its fracture shows cup-shaped plastic shrinkage. Due to the high safety factor of elevator steel wire rope, this kind of broken wire is rare.

        3. Corroded broken wires. The rust is severely produced. The fracture is not neat and has a sharp point.

        4. Fatigue breaks out. The outer steel wire on the larger side of the strand bending process, the broken wire caused by metal fatigue, the shape of the fracture is flat.

        5. Cut the broken wire. It is caused by hard breaking or being hit by a large external force or squeezed. The fracture is shear-like.