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        Fabrication of the end of stainless steel wire rope sample

        The end of the specimen of the whole rope breaking tensile test should be fastened by alloy casting method, or by thermosetting resin pouring and U-shaped and wedge-shaped rope clamps to ensure that the mechanical properties of the stainless steel wire rope are not affected during the test.

        First, the two ends of the stainless steel wire rope sample are bundled as required, and the length of the filling head left at both ends of the sample is 130-180mm. Loosen the remaining irrigation head into the shape of a broom head. Then put it in kerosene or gasoline for degreasing, and cut off the fiber core near the root of the bundle. Then put it in a 12-18% dilute hydrochloric acid solution for purification, and the immersion time is generally 50-60 seconds. When the surface of the steel wire is observed to be gray, put the sample into a cone-shaped mold and cast it into shape.

        A small amount of zinc particles should be added to the hydrochloric acid solution when the stainless steel wire rope smooth steel wire is purified.