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        Inspection method of wire rope diameter

        The diameter of the wire rope should be measured with a corresponding caliper, and the claw distance of the caliper should be enough to span two adjacent strands. At present, vernier calipers are mostly used at home and abroad to measure the diameter of steel wire ropes.

        The diameter measurement of the wire rope should be carried out on a straight section of unloaded steel rope. The methods for measuring the diameter of the wire rope at home and abroad can be roughly summarized as follows:

        The diameter of the steel wire rope should be measured without tension, at two points at least 1m apart from each other at an appropriate distance (usually taken as m) from the end of the rope, and measure two diameters perpendicular to each other in different directions, and use four measurements. The average value of is used as the measured diameter of the wire rope, and the difference between any two values of the four measurements is used as the ellipticity of the wire rope. In case of dispute, the diameter measurement can be carried out under the condition of applying 5% of its small breaking force to the wire rope (If necessary, 10% breaking force can be applied to the elevator wire rope).

        At present, a new type of wire rope diameter measuring instrument has been developed, which can measure the diameter without touching the measured object. Among them, the detector using laser beam has a detection range of 1-80mm; the detector using halogen beam has a detection range of 0-25mm. , Both can use the electronic display to display the test results.