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        There are many advantages to using steel wire rope instead of other ropes

               In the process of industrial production, the rope is one of the necessary tools, and the most widely used rope should be the steel wire rope. Lifting, dragging, lashing, high-altitude transportation, etc. are all used. The reason why it is so popular is that this kind of rope has many unique benefits.

               First, it is stronger and safer than other ropes, and there is no problem even with long-distance load. Second, it is lighter in weight, and it is very convenient to carry and use. Third, this kind of steel wire rope has strong tensile strength and high toughness, and it will not suddenly break during use, causing serious consequences. Fourth, in the process of high-speed operation, the wear resistance is good, and the flexibility will not be twisted, and it is relatively stable. Because of this feature, it is used in the operation of the elevator. Fifth, it is corrosion-resistant, not prone to chemical reactions when working in a harmful environment, and has a long service life. Sixth, it is a combination of strong and soft, which can be used for binding, traction, dragging, etc., and has a wide range of uses.