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        Briefly introduce four different wire ropes

        There is not much difference in the shape and structure of the wire rope, but the varieties are diverse. The frequently used wire rope varieties include phosphating coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, stainless steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope, etc. Different kinds of steel wire ropes are created according to the different materials used. Here is a simple description of these common steel wire ropes. Understand, and also provide convenience for customers who will buy wire rope.

        Phosphating coated steel wire rope: referred to as phosphating steel wire rope, phosphating treatment of the rope-making steel wire. Phosphating film makes the surface of the steel wire more wear-resistant and improves its anti-corrosion ability. The porous structure of the phosphate film can increase the grease on the surface of the rope-making steel wire. The storage capacity is reduced, the friction factor is reduced to promote sliding, the occurrence of fretting damage on the surface of the steel wire is delayed, and the initiation of fatigue microcracks is inhibited, thereby greatly extending the service life of the wire rope.

        Galvanized steel wire rope: The surface of the steel wire rope is coated with a layer of zinc, so that the uneven parts on the original steel wire have been well improved, making the surface of the steel wire more smooth and smooth, and has super resistance Corrosive.

        Stainless steel wire rope: The stainless steel wire rope is made of stainless steel and has many characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good fatigue resistance, excellent breaking tension, long service life, and durability.

        Smooth steel wire rope: The smooth steel wire rope is twisted with uncoated light drawn steel wire. In order to prevent rust, the steel wire rope should be immersed in oil during the twisting process. When small strands are twisted, use a pulley to lead into the oil pool and then export The oil pool is down to the wire rope shaft.