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        What are the factors to consider when buying a new rope?

               When it comes to the purchase of wire rope, I believe many people will dismiss it. As one of the materials that has been developed for a long time, the choice of this material does not seem to have any technical content. But is this really the case? You won’t find until you enter the factory that there is such a big difference between the ropes in use. Here are some factors to consider when choosing.

               The first is what method is used to prevent corrosion. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust is definitely the most important issue for all items that use steel as raw materials. Generally used in the air, as long as the simplest oiling treatment is adopted, the rust can be greatly reduced. For many electric transmissions, oiling can also increase lubricity and speed up transmission.

               In fact, it is a consideration of cross-sectional area. Generally, in order to increase friction, a rope with a relatively large cross-sectional area can be used. On the contrary, you should choose a wire rope with a relatively small cross-sectional area. Of course, preventing knots, bending, and twisting are also issues that everyone often needs to consider. There are only so many factors to consider.