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        Choose the right wire rope according to the purpose

        1. For cranes working in high temperature environments, steel ropes with super tough asbestos cores or steel cores should be used.

        2. Elevator hoisting ropes should be 8 strands with super toughness.

        3. For ordinary hoisting and luffing winding ropes, 6-strand contacting winding ropes should be preferred.

        4. The tension ropes and traction ropes used for cranes should be smoothly wound ropes.

        5. The supporting rope for cable cranes or aerial ropeways should be single-wound ropes.

        6. When working in a corrosive environment, galvanized steel wire rope should be used.

        7. For occasions requiring acid resistance, galvanizing should be used.

        8. The binding ropes are mostly grade Ⅱ ropes with lower toughness.

        9. Port cranes or tower cranes with a hoisting ratio of 1/1 should use 18 shares without rotation.

        10. Electric hoist hoisting ropes usually use point-contact 37 wires per share.