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        How is the elevator wire rope maintained and stored?

        Elevator is a life vehicle that we often use. Whenever the elevator fails or is maintained, we will replace the elevator wire rope and other related accessories as soon as possible. If these accessories come directly from the manufacturer, it will delay time, so they are often stored in some places. In the warehouse, how to maintain such a wire rope to keep it ready for use? Let me introduce to you below.

        1. After the wire rope sling is completed, the wire rope sling should be cleaned and maintained, and then stored in a clean, dry and well-ventilated condition;

        2. When storing the steel wire rope, try to put it on the shelf as far as possible, away from heat, gas that can corrode the surface, chemicals, direct sunlight or other strong ultraviolet radiation;

        3. The damaged wire rope sling should be clearly marked to prevent the next misuse;

        4. When the steel wire rope is contaminated by acid and alkali, it can be diluted with water, then hung and dried naturally;

        5. It is forbidden to store steel wire rope slings in the open air. During storage in winter, the slings should be protected from water and moisture to avoid freezing and breaking of the steel wire ropes.