“What do elevators, beloved character actor Wilford Brimley, mall maps, flashing yellow traffic lights, the Weather Channel and Allstate commercials have in common?” Griffin's Big Daddy asks. Then he goes on to answer this intriguing question in the pages of his hilarious new memoir, Big Daddy's Tales, From the Lighter Side of Raising a Kid with Autism.


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F. Lewis Stark (a pen name) is well-known to those of us in the autism community as the popular blogger at where he talks about his funny and fascinating life as parent to an autistic son. He also co-hosts the (Weekly? Monthly? How often does this show come on?) radio show "AutismWTF" with fellow autism parent/blogger Lynn Hydoba of

Big Daddy's Tales include many memorable, gut-bustingly hilarious anecdotes about the world viewed through the eyes of his adored and adorable son. He also includes many of his Griffin cartoons – which really should get him his own show on the Cartoon Network or Comedy Central (I defy anyone to read “The Farting Continues” without laughing so hard they fall out of their chair).

But this is not a book that puts a shiny fake smiley face on autism. It's not a politically correct book. It is an honest book from a parent who openly shares the fact that his son's autism diagnosis felt, at first, like being smashed in the face by a frying pan. Big Daddy's Tales, though, are proof that you can get smashed in the face by a frying pan and still not forget how to laugh.

Nestled within the anecdotes of the Big Daddy clan are also stories from other parents of kids on the spectrum. Lynn writes an introduction to the book as well as a chapter; other chapters feature stories from bloggers from,, LifeWithASeverelyDisabledChild, LittleBitQuirky, AnybodyWantAPeanut?, LifeInTheHouseThatAspergerBuilt, ChipandBobo, YeahGoodTimes, LivingWithLogan, StuartDuncan, and yep, yours truly. Big Daddy included my Billy musings in the chapter titled, “You're on the Spectrum, Charlie Brown!”

If Life is a Spectrum, this book is the most honest, colorful, funny and touching picture of that wide spectrum I've read – and I have read a LOT of books about autism. A. LOT.

Big Daddy says it best in his epilogue: “If you allow it to be, the world can seem full of sorrows and negativity. We chose to live in joy.”

Order a copy of Big Daddy's Tales by clicking on the button at the right, which will take you to the author's store.

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Buy this book!

I love your contribution to the book Amanda! It is definitely the second best thing in it. Well, maybe third. Definitely top 5.

I Can't Wait to Read This Book!

I'm so excited about it! I know my copy is on its way! Great review, Amanda!

Ordered Mine!

I ordered mine and can't way til May 17 when it should arrive! I love this blog and Big Daddy's, too! :)

Best Post Ever

This post touched me on so many levels!!!

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